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Brief of Wellington Cantonment..

Wellington Cantonment is situated three kilometers to the north of Coonoor. The Mettupalayam-Ooty road passes through the Cantonment. The Wellington Cantonment was earlier known as Jakkatalla (or Jacketallah) from the Badaga Village of that name to the north of it. In 1852, Sir Richard Armstrong, the then Commander-in-Chief, recommended that the name should be changed to Wellington in honor of the Iron Duke, who from the first had evinced an... Read more

Information Technology

One-stop Mobile App for everything and Cantonment Board Resource Planning
Cantonment Board Wellington had developed and implemented the Mobile application since Jan 2017, to deliver all kind of services of Cantonment Board at doorsteps of the residents of WCB with inbuilt deadlines. This had ensured efficient and transparent functioning of governance. It is pertinent to inform that WCB is the first Cantonment and first local body in India to introduce holistic mobile application with the following features,
1) Extensive Grievance Redressal System
2) Payment Property taxes, Water Charges, Shop rent, Trade license etc,.
3) Requests for new water connection, Building Application, Transfer of property, Miscellaneous Forms and Birth & Death certificates
4) Requests for Sewage Tanker, Water Tanker, JCB etc,.
5) Community Hall Booking and Playground Booking
6) Online Tax Calculator
7) Tree cutting in Cantonment Area
8) Advertising Hoarding
9) Temporary tent fixing
10) Mini bus plying charges
11) News and circulars
12) General Information, Admin and Elected Wing Information etc,.

Mobile App

Online recruitment portal
Wellington Cantonment Board has developed and implemented the online recruitment portal for the recruitment process of WCB on the lines of UPSC.

Paper Less Board Meeting
The Board agenda and proceeding are being circulated to the Board members in digital mode and the board meeting is conducted using tabs and is completely paperless and due to this the usage of huge amount of papers has been reduced.

Digital Records
Wellington Cantonment had implemented the computerization and digitization of records in all fields.

Wellington Cantonment has won the Raksha Mantri's award for excellance in the field of "Digital Accomplishment" for the years 2017 and 2018.