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Brief of Wellington Cantonment..

Wellington Cantonment is situated three kilometers to the north of Coonoor. The Mettupalayam-Ooty road passes through the Cantonment. The Wellington Cantonment was earlier known as Jakkatalla (or Jacketallah) from the Badaga Village of that name to the north of it. In 1852, Sir Richard Armstrong, the then Commander-in-Chief, recommended that the name should be changed to Wellington in honor of the Iron Duke, who from the first had evinced an... Read more

Engineering Department

The Wellington Cantonment Board is supplying 105 litres per capita from all the sources. Action is on hand to draw the Emerald dam water directly from the State Government. In other hand the board has constructed check dams at Katchadapatty, near CGH and additional check dam near Gymkhana to improve the water supply. In addition, the capacity of the existing water tanks at Anna Nagar, Katchadapatty and Chinna Vandisolai have been increased from 30,000 ltrs to 80,000 ltrs. Existing water sumps at Chinna Vandisolai, Malayappan cottage have been converted into wells and the same increases the yield considerably. There are four filter houses through which water is ozonated/ treated and distributed to general public for drinking purpose which covers 90% of population and rest is supplied chlorinated water.
Water connection are provided for domestic and commercial purposes. The applicant has to apply for obtaining any type of connection on prescribed form which can be done through Mobile application. After inspecting the site the applicant will be intimated about the labour charges and security deposit which have to be remitted to this office by the applicant. The materials required for water connection have to be arranged by the applicant himself. On receipt of the payment connection will be given within 7 days.

Security deposit Domestic - Rs.2000/-
Commercial – Rs. 5000/-
Labour charges As applicable
Water charges Rs.8.75/- per 1000 litres for domestic connection and Rs. 33.75/- per 1000 litres for commercial subject to minimum of Rs. 87.50/month for domestic purpose and Rs. 375/per month for commercial purpose

Augmentation of Raw water supply including provision of check dam, overhead tank, etc., was executed the stream water is being supplied to the residents of 1st , part of 2nd ward, 7th ward through public stand posts for daily amenities. In addition individual raw water connection is also being provided on receipt of application from the owners and payment of applicable charges. The charges are fixed as shown below

Security deposit Rs.2000/-
Labour charges As applicable
Water charges Rs.5 for every 1000 litres subject to minimum of Rs. 50/- per month for 10000 litres


Water ATM units were installed in different locations to provide purified water at lowest price to all the General Public. The Wellington Cantonment is located in a hilly terrain and the water ATM’s are designed in such a manner which will provide 24 x 7 purified hot water to the users. The public can avail water by inserting a coin in the machine. The Board also fixed Rs. 1 per/litre as charges. Users can avail one litre water by inserting one rupee coin and five litres water by inserting a five rupee coin. The feature of the unit is controlled by remote monitor, five stage water purification of output capacity of 100 litre/hour including RO system, UV treatment and heating facility and fully automated operation including coin operated mechanism. Solar panels are fixed as a alternate energy. Thus the units will work 24 x 7. The water ATM’s are fixed at the following places.
1. Wellington Bus stand.
2. Cantonment High School.
3. Cantonment General Hospital.
4. Wellington Barracks
5. Boys company
6. Jayanthi nagar


Wellington Cantonment Board is supplying water through water tanker of having capacity of 8000 litres to the residents on request through mobile application for which a sum of Rs. 1500/- is being charged per tanker.

As a Swachh Bharath mission implementation, the Board have installed 11 Nos of E-toilets in Cantonment limit. The E-toilets are coin operated system. Facilities of E-toilets can be availed for both men and women. The toilets are women friendly offers facilities like napkin incinerator and napkin vending machine. The E- toilets works on a server based technology. It has a self cleaning and water conservation mechanism, automated access control, there is remote diagnosis and management through web reports. These E-Toilets have GPRS enabled units.


As per government of India initiatives and mission towards “SWACCH BHARATH” the board proposed to install the underground drainage system to ensure proper treatment of collected sewage disposal. Accordingly construction of sewage treatment plant in Wellington cantonment Board is under process. The Sewage treatment Plant will go a long way in ensuring the health and hygiene of the people of the Cantonment in order to ensure a clean and hygiene environment.

One of the basic amenities of the public is street lighting which is being maintained by the Board. All the HPSV bulbs have been converted into LED lights. As a initiative measures the board have installed solar street lights in both civil and army areas to the maximum extent possible in order to generate conventional energy. Action is on hand to convert the remaining all the street lights into solar lights.


The Board had installed roof top solar plant in Cantonment General Hospital on successful implementation, it will be replicated in all the permanent structures of Cantonment Properties. The load involves is about 151 Kw for 11 Nos of Roof top buildings. The motive of the project is to reduce the electricity consumption charges which are being paid to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and generation of renewal energy.


Cantonment Board is maintaining 16 nos of roads widely used by the public of civil and army. All the roads under the management of the Cantonment Board are being maintained under M&R works.


Whoever intends to erect or re-erect any building in Cantonment shall apply for sanction by submitting a building application under section 235 of Cantonments Act, 2006. The Wellington Cantonment Board have developed a mobile application, the applicant can apply through mobile application. On receipt of the fulfilled building application the site will be inspected and the stacking fee/processing fee will be intimated to the individual for payment. On receipt of payment, if the proposed area falls outside civil area the building plan will be referred to the board and if the proposed area falls inside civil area the building plan will be sanctioned by the competent authority as per section 238 of Cantonment Act 2006.

There are three community halls existing in wellington Cantonment Board at Jayanthi nagar, Chinna vandisholai and singarathoppu. The same can be availed for wedding and other related events by the public. The booking facility is enhanced through mobile application. The user can book the Community hall through mobile. The charges are as follows

Community Halls Security deposit First floor Ground Floor
Jayanthi nagar 1000 - 1000
Chinna vandisholai 1000 - 1000
Singarathoppu 2500 2500 2500

The security deposit will be refunded after completion of the event after deducting electricity and water consumption charges.


Wellington cantonment Board maintains 3 mini parks and a lake in Cantonment area to provide human enjoyment, recreation and greenery environment, amusement for the children. The Wellington Cantonment Board also provides boating facilities in the Wellington lake for all the citizens and Army personnel. A musical fountain is also installed in the lake to entertain the visitors by exposure the music and lighting facilities. In addition the board have also erected a walkway from Manekshaw Bridge to ASSC Supply Depot through Madras Regimental Centre and War Memorial with the provision of having music system.


The board is maintaining a play ground. Whoever intended to occupy the play ground for a event can register through mobile application. Based on the availability, the applicant will be informed for payment. The Board have fixed charges for usage of the play ground as per section 67(g) of Cantonments Act, 2006, a sum of Rs.2500/- per day for private Schools, Rs.500/- per day for Government Schools and Rs.50/- per day for other residents of Cantonment Area. There is no charges for local children occupying for sports purposes except during school hours.

Wellington Cantonment Board is owning a JCB which can be hired by the residents of the Cantonment Board. The booking facility is incorporated in the mobile application. The residents who intends to hire JCB can book through mobile application based on the availability, the applicant will be informed by this office. The board have fixed Rs. 1000/hour as hiring charges.